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 Emma’s Otters summer holiday swimming lessons


We are running a week of intensive swimming lessons from the 29th of July through to the 2nd of August thank you Urban Saints in Pondell the lessons will be 45 minutes long and Priced at £82.50 for the five days in a group of up to 4 children private lessons will be 30 minutes with one to ones being £150 and one to £175 for the five days


We are also running weekly lessons with independent lessons £44 on Monday and £55 on Friday


Preschool lessons will also be running at Medina House with the closure of UKSA over the summer holidays. The lessons will be running Monday £40 for the four weeks Fridays £50 for five weeks and £55


These lessons are optional and you need to book in. We will not automatically book you in as we would normally for our lessons.




Currently, our lesson availability is below. We are super flexible at Medina House and able to add and move classes or days subject to the interest and avail availability of  the team


Urban saints 


0900 intermediate

0900 class available either group or private lesson

09 45 beginner class available

09 45 class available level subject to person to book 

1030 2 classes available level subject to people to book 



Private classes available available

10 and 1030




Medina House 


Independent lessons for school-age children we are also allowing school starters



 830 confident beginner 

0900 confident beginner

0900 class available for private or group lesson

0930 begin lessons

0930 class available for private or group lesson

10 am to classes available for either group or private lesson



11 am-1200 We have start times for group or private lessons available at this time every half an hour 





Preschool lessons for children  with a parent or career  in the pool 


1030 12 to 24 months

1100 3 to 12 months

1130 two years and over

1200 two years and over


Subject to interest, we can add earlier afternoon lessons

1745 3 to 18 months

1815 18 months and over





0900 12-24 months

0930 two years and over

1000 3 to 12 months

1030 two years and over



08 30 12-24 months

0930 years and over

1000 two years over

1030 two years and over

1100 3-12 months 

1130 onwards classes available subject to interest 

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