Open water swimming



Open water swimming has a huge number of benefits not only for fitness and enjoyment but for many people the mental health benefits are massive too! 


With the island being such a beautiful place and the recent UNCECO biosphere reserve status being give to the waters around the Island and are recent partnership with a tested and managed lake their has been no better time to start swimming!



We have sessions to suit all from introduction to open water through to more advanced sessions.  










Lake sessions


The Lake sessions take place in a beautiful lake in Rookley, surrounded buy trees.  Great faculties such as  onsite parking, food and beverage available too, disability friendly to with the lake accessible via a ramp allowing for easy entrance it also has some fabulous vantage points.  We hope to be offering swim and run training and ICE swims in the near future! 


We keep are sessions safe with not only a fully qualified open water coach and Open water lifeguard.

We will be running Tuesday evenings at the lakes in Rookley 

the sessions are currently every other week! 










Sea Sessions 


The sea session can be  run all over the island enjoying the coast line at its best!  We offer training sessions and point to pint swims covering large distances.  The sessions use the tides and provide a great feel for the water, we also run introduction sessions for people who would like a starting point.




The sea sessions we keep up our safety with a little support rib and experienced skipper allowing you to concentrate on swimming rather than your own safety.