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We offer funs and friendly  photography session  thought the year you keep all the images and have full rights (I do not keep copies).  


The photo shoots  ware in groups of 4 children to allow  you to have time to play and be submerged with the sessions lasting 30 minuets,  we keep the sessions as a mini lesson keeping the photos as  natural as possible.  

In order to attend a photography session  the child must attended a minimum of  one term of swimming for children 4 years and under.


We cannot guarantee pictures of children under the water but if you wish to attempt  the child must be happy to be submerged.     Adults must have attended  at least 1 lesson unless 2 adults are in the  then this applies to only 1 adult.  

The photo shoots will cost £30.00 to include all photos taken  on a memory stick with no editing. £25.00 per child for 2 or more  children.  so far people have received a coupe of hundreds photos to look through.  


I can arrange Images professionally printed form Loxley colour these will be at an extra cost,  they are not the lowest price on the market  but a amazing quality and a massive range of sizes. 

Photography sessions will be running

Currently we have none  planed but hope to one we are able to. 

Please register your interest  with us via emailing



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