Baby and Pre school lessons 

Our  Baby and pre school classes are designed not only to build water confidence but help  develop skills  out of the water to such as gross and fine motor skills, balance and co ordination, muscle development and strengthening to name but a few. 


The lessons help to build confidence,  trust and help you to bound both in and out of the swimming  pool.   We teach self rescue in a gentle method, unfortunately a couple of are swimmers have but it to the test! Of course as little ones grow we teach swimming and stroke development.  


Emma's Otters won't promise after one lesson to have your little one swimming like a fish, or floating like the babies you see in the youtube films. Yes I have had babies floating but it's has  more to do with their physical make up, what they are wearing and personality than one lesson a week. 


Instead of a  the Lessons encourage imagination and fun we can often be found  hunting butterflies and spiders,  flying like pterodactyl, being  tigers,  swimming through sea weed and most excitingly  exploring tunnels.



Baby classes designed for children 3-12 months


Fun and  friendly relaxed  classes with each child accompanied by a parent or carer. We work on blowing bubbles, encouraging hand eye coordination, kicking and bonding activities as we'll as safe drills.  We also have the option for submersion's  though these are at your on  discretion and  only taken when you and  your baby our ready. During these lessons  we  follow the STA starfish award series which you can collect badges and certificates along the way! 




12-24 month Classes 


These lessons are specifically designed to he encourage you childs  development with lots of balancing,  co ordination  and sensory skill and of course fun.  We will be  encouraging self  submersion and swimming pool exploration with plenty of tunnels and mirrors to explore.  We continue to follow the STA Starfish program moving towards the Stanley learn to swim program. 



Classes for  children  2 years and  over


These lessons are lots of fun with caves to explore and imagination to be exploited. We  encourage to swim independently through a variety of different activities and games.   We still have  the added  support of a parent or career in the swimming pool.  A perfect time to allow your toddler to have time alone with their parent or  carer with out any distractions.  during these lessons we follow the STA Stanly learn to swim program which you can collect badges and certificates along the way! 


The all important prices 


£8 per a lesson mid week £9 per a lesson weekends to be paid  in blocks

Certificates and badge are £3.00 each