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Term Time lessons for school aged children 

Lessons are £66 for a six week term with four children in a class. Teach from the water for beginners moving to the pool side for more advanced swimmers. 


Private lessons are £30 per session and 2 to one are £35 per session these are payable in the six week terms 


UKSA - Cowes 



1515 intermediate

1545 intermediate

1545 advanced

1730 advanced

1800 confident beginner

1800 advanced



1645 confident beginner 2 spaces

1715 intermediate

1800 confident beginner



1645 intermediate

1715 confident beginner

1800 intermediate



1615 confident beginner

1645 adults

1715 Aqua-natal



1515 confident beginner three spaces

1545 confident beginner

1700 beginner two spaces

1730 advanced



0930 confident  beginner

1015 class available


Medina House school pool Newport



1515 Medina House students

1515 beginner

1645 class available

1715 non-swimmer

1815 3 to 18 months with parents in the pool



1745 non-swimmer

1815 class available x2 



1515 confident beginner

1615 confident beginner

1715 beginner



Thursdays new day at Medina House


1530 beginner three spaces available

1600 beginner two spaces available

1600 confident beginner




Urban Saints Pondell


Thursday night


1530 beginner

1600 intermediate

1630 confident beginner

1730 confident beginner

1800 intermediate three spaces available

Pre school lesssons - parent in the water

Emma’s Otters Swim school with delighted to say that we have a number of baby and preschool lessons starting on the 29th of April


Our lessons are designed to encourage children to bond with their parents or carer in the pool while encouraging a range of skills swimming and developmental.


Our lessons are based around the Sta learn to swim program and offer a gentle approach into a love of  water.


Lessons includes songs and games with activities aimed to encourage speech and language development as well as fine and gross motor skills while teaching water safety  to children and adults.



Lessons are open for anyone to bring a child along and we have lots of Mum‘s dads grandparents aren’t and uncles as well as nannies and older siblings…. You don’t need to be able to swim to come to the lessons have fun in mind. 



Lessons are £80 for an eight week term Monday to Friday and £88 for Saturdays


A small number of our lessons are term time due to the swimming pools we will show these separately



Lessons are year round and only stop for Christmas the pools are all lovely and warm.



Spaces at Uksa in Cowes 




10 am two years and over

1045 9 to 24 months

1115 two years and over




1245 3 to 12 months



11 4518 months and over

1215 we have the option to add an additional class here



930 9-24 months

1045 18 months and over

1115 3 to 12 months* this class has just changed age group is a new class



0830 9-24 months 

1015 two years and over 

1200 3 to 12 months * new class



Term only lessons£60 for 6 weeks 

Medina House school pool Newport

Monday 1815 to 18 months



We do have the potential to add a lesson at 1815 on a Tuesday and Thursday for preschool if we have the interest. 



For more information or getting in contact please message us

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