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Emma's Otters Learn to Swim Programme

Emma's Otters classes explained.  

Pre School classes,  with a parent in the water 

Baby Otter
(3-12 months) 

My first lesson- Star fish 

Clawless Otter
(12-24 months )


Marine Otter

Stanley 1-3

Giant Otter

Stanley  1-6

Independence lessons,  Home education,  private lesson and short breaks lessons.  


Non swimmer

Very little water experience,  never had lessons before, Child may be very nervous.


Stanley 1-3



Water confident children may have come from pre school lessons or lots of family time in the pool.

Stanley 1-4 

octopus 1&2 



Confident beginner 

Starting to swim on their own still using paddle rather than full stroke.


Stanley 5 – Stanley star 

Octopus 2&3




Developing their full stroke and able to swim un aided most of the lesson


Stanley star 

Gold fish 1-3




Developing finer techniques

25m -75M 

Angelfish  1-3

Shark 1-3 

Below is the  programme we follow from babies through to our advanced swimmers. Each award shows you the skills they need to have achieved before moving onto the next level. 

The STA conversion chart will help anyone who may need to convert qualifications across the different governing bodies! ideal if you are looking to switch swimming school.  

Below are a series of videos of stroke technique that we are aiming to achieve at intermediate and advanced stages.  when we are awarding 25m plus the tecneques is to resemble  the below videos 

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