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About us


After almost 10 years  in the leisure industry  Emma decided to take the leap into running her  own business, after a lot of deliberation over the name in January 2018 Emma's Otters was born.

In January 2018 it was just Emma and a vision working 4 days a week panicking over if it would succeed or if she would need a "real"  job,  fast forward to October 2018  when we expanded to Medina house in Newport,  swiftly followed buy an additional day at UKSA.  Early 2019 we started  at Pondwell in Ryde adding our biggest pool to the collection and Annalise to the team. September 2019 the expansion continued with  an additional night at Medina house as well as a day and a half of lessons for the school.  The expansion continued in early 2020 with the Lakes at Rookley.


Unfortunately Covid hit and we were back to rebuilding and restarting but September 2020 saw more lessons for medina house school and the launch of Open water in both the sea and an island first of a lake! Since Covid the the lessons have expanded even more and we now offer 25 Baby and Toddler lessons a week and93 independent lessons over 3 sites a week teaching over 450 children a week. Plus lessons for 4 island schools. 

Emma's Otters now has a team of 13 fabulous instructors, assistants and lifeguards. 


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