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Frequently asked questions 


I have  tried  to come up with a list of questions that parents ask and  ways  to put your  mind at ease.  Please contact us  if you have any further or if you are still unsure!




What if my child isn't wanting to join in?


That's not a problem Children  need to learnt at their own pace, the best thing to do is let them play! When  your  child is ready  they  will  join in with the group! Many times  children  can comeback and  surprise  you by swimming  better than  ever before.  


My baby is crying? 


The most important thing is not to worry you will always  think  your  baby is  crying the loudest,  they could  just want a cuddle or  not  be read for the activity,  other common  reasons are they can get  hungry or tired its hard work swimming and  growing so please  don't  worry and try and sooth your  baby and find something fun to do in the water,  we  want  the swimming pool to be a fun a fun experience so help to make it positive. 


My child  isn't improving like another?


Everyone learns at their own pace, celebrate your little ones achievements don't worry about  comparing  them to another just focus on them and how they improve. If you have any concerns please talk to your teacher or Emma.


What is Aqua Sensory?

It is a way of looking at our lessons in a different way,  its not about over stimulating your child its about stepping back and having a chance to take the joy in the small things.  


What should my child need to wear in the pool?

We do require all non potty trained children to were a happy nappy / Neo Nappy  when in the swimming pool with a swimming  nappy under, other wise known  as a  double nappy system.  Those that are potty trained just their swimmers. 


Why do we wear a double nappy system?  


To help prevent accidents in the swimming pool they really do help to keep the poo in situ and not floating around the swimming pool . It also helps to keep the water quality up in the pools that we use and  prevent shutdowns. The swimming nappy does  not have  to be a disposable nappy they are more than welcome to be reusable environmentally friendly nappies.







My child is petrified of water, should I wait to introduce swimming lessons?


The best thing is to keep swimming and water fun without putting pressure on a child, try family lessons, getting in the pool with them. Finding the right environment and instructor is vital,  we are never offended if we are not the right fit for you're child, everyone is different!  Personally  I would recommend finding lessons as early as possible and sticking with it for a while making it fun,  not worrying about them swimming just enjoying the water!


How do you monitor progression?

We have a online system  that we fill out termly sending you a report out lining how you're child is pressing through the stages. certificates and badges are £3 each.


What’s the structure of a lesson? 
For Baby and Pre school lessons we have a warm up song and a warm down with lot son fun and games in the middle with main theme. For are independent lessons we have a main theme though we are very fluid with the lessons, meaning the  lesson are far less stress full for children on those off days!
 How many babies/children are in a group?

In baby and pre school lessons we have 8 children 

independent lessons we have 5.

What are the changing facilities like?

This is very much dependent on the pool, they all have showers and male and female changing rooms.  


UKSA has a baby changing unit per changing room,  toilets in the changing rooms bench and pegs. 


Medina  houses changing rooms are equipped with changing beds,  benches and pegs their is one  toilet on the pool side.  


Urban saints  has dry and wet changing rooms,   communal showers and private one.  We do have a 1m gap between the changing room and the pool side.


Will I need to bring a change mat?

We highly recommend that you do bring a changing mat if  required or  spare towels. 


If my child is crawling is there somewhere safe for them to stay whilst I shower and change?

Unfortunately not,  but toys and snacks are great at keeping little ones in one place


Do I need to swim to accompany my child into the pool ?

Not  at all,   you definitely wont be the only one who can't swim,   its actually a great confidence builder to! The pool at UKSA is 1.30 meters deep an the deep end is cordoned off.  

How do I understand your invoices?
How do I work are online account? 
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