Additional needs swimming lessons 

We are extremely flexible with our additional needs lessons and are very happy to have children with high needs in group lessons too, we may just need you to provide an adult to help them subject to a chat on how we can help you! 

We offer 1:1 lessons both in school time and out of school time these. The can be for sole use or when we have other lessons  for sole use a great to prevent distractions.  Where possible we can also try and have shared use of the pool.  though this is dependent on time available and the pool we are using. 

We are very aware of the sensory approach to swimming,  meaning our lessons ideal for children with extra needs. We  can slow down the lessons to suit an individual, or change activities as needed.   we  are also very happy to plan a program to suit there particular needs including physio, exercise and doctor input. 

Emma's has worked hard to ensure lessons can offer a range of certificates to praise the progress,  we have a large variety of programs  we mix and match in order to produce the best progression and incentive! 

For more information or priceing please talk to Emma

Phone:  07891003297