Terms and Conditions  

 Emma’s Otters Terms and conditions



Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • By booking or attending swimming lessons with Emma’s Otters you understand and accept the following terms and conditions and they will form part of the contract between us.

  • Emma’s Otters reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.

    • You will be notified via email of any variation.  

“We” refers to Emma’s Otters 

“You” refers to the parent or career of the child. 



  • For new swimmer’s payment must be received within 24 hours of booking to confirm your space or 1 month prior to lessons commencing,  if  space is booked with more than  1 months’ notice. 

    • The booking/medical form must also be received at this time. If unpaid after 24 hours the space will be reopened to booking.  


  • For existing customers Payments are due no later than 7 days prior to the start of a new term.

    • If payment is not received the space will be fore fitted and open to booking.


  • Once you have a space on Emma’s Otters swimming lessons you are automatically enrolled in the allocated space until you inform us otherwise, switch classes or do not pay 7 days prior to the term staring.  


  • We understand that life can change so class switching is allowed providing the class switching too has available space, please get in contact with Emma’s Otters if you would like to switch days or times. 


  • The full term must be paid for we are unable to allow partial term payments, we cannot hold spaces without the full-term payment.


  • If for any reasons you cannot make the full payment please speak to us we may be able to come up with alternative options.


  • Emma’s Otters reserve the right to cancel or change classes for any reason, at this stage you will be offered an alternative class or a refund. 









  • If you wish to cancel your space please do so in writing.

  • 8 or more days to the course commencing 90% of the course will be refunded. 7 -4 days prior to the course 75% will be refunded. 3-1 days prior to the course commencing 50% of the course fee will be refunded. Cancelation on the day or during the course will not receive a refund.  


  • We do not offer refunds for lessons missed, this includes and is not limited to illness or holidays.      


  • For certain medial emergency’s such as broken bones and surgery on production of a doctor’s certificate, the course may be put on hold until the following term.  



  • We do our best to prevent any ‘last minute’ lesson changes or a lesson cancellation, but due to the nature of swimming pools they can occur. You will be notified by us, by text message to your mobile phone, with as much notice as possible. Emma’s Otters will not reimburse any expenses. 

  • We can only accommodate one adult in the pool at a time with each child. 


    • At times, we may be able to allow second, providing on class numbers, please contact Emma’s Otters prior to the class to book a second adult into the pool. This will be on a first come first served basis. 


  • We are happy for a range of people to bring your child swimming, just let the instructor know if it is your first time or you would like extra assistance.  


  • We love you sharing your special moments with friends and family so encourage Spector’s but we do ask that the nose is keep to a minimum to prevent distraction in the class, also when on pool side either feet are bare or shoe covers are worn.


  • With the private pools photography is allowed providing the whole of the class is happy. 

    • If someone is not please refrain from taking photos. 

    • You must ask permission of everyone in the class.

    • The photographer is to ensure that they are taking pictures with you child as the focus.  

  • We love to see photos and films on Facebook, feel free to tag us.

  • Please ensure that everyone in the photo has given their permission for the photo to be posted.




  • All children 3 years and under and those who are not fully potty trained must wear a “Happy Nappy” style top nappy while in the swimming pool.


  • Children and adults with addition needs where it is possible for faecal accidents are required to wear an adult style Splash about splash shorts or Jammers to prevent faecal accidents in the pool.


  • These must fit correctly and not allow faecal matter to leak out through the stomach or leg bands.

Spectacles and jewelry 

  • We recommend that all jewelry is removed to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others. 

  • We recommend that spectacles are not worn in the swimming pool due to the risk they can pose to the wearer. 

    • Spectacles with glass lenses are not permitted.



  • Please do not bring your child swimming if they are ill, 

    • if they have a contagious infection including and not limited to chicken pox or impetigo.  

    • A child may attend once the doctor has given their okay. 

  • We Ask that they you do not attend swimming if you or your child have diarrhoea or vomiting in the past 48 hours or are feeling sick. 


Lost Property


  • Emma’s Otters Swimming School does not accept liability for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises, (whether being worn or left in the pool/changing rooms) or within the grounds/car park of the premises. 

  • For Lost item please contact the relevant swimming pool.




  • Though we teach submersion this is completely optional and must only be under taken once the child is ready and if they are happy. 

    • This is under taken at your own risk.  










  • Please ensure that you are respectful of others and the faculties. 

  • The faculties and Emma’s otters reserve the right to ask people to leave or refuse entry without a refund if behavior is unacceptable.  

  • Emma’s Otters asks that you do not damage property of Emma’s Otters or the swimming pool all damaged must be paid for by the responsible adult.  

  • Please do not allow children to chew floats and woggles, not only does it damage the equipment but the parts may pose a choking hazard.  




  • If you have any concerns for safe guarding please contact Emma’s otters or inform an Emma’s Otters team member.


  • If you are dissatisfied with the delivery of the training you should inform the instructor or email Emma’s Otters who will endeavor to rectify the situation

Force Majeure 

  • Emma’s Otters cannot be responsible for matters outside its control. 

    • These include but not by way of limitation, outbreak of hostilities, civil commotion, riot, storm, earthquake, or any act of God effecting the conduct of the course.

    • In the event Emma’s Otter’s will endeavor to minimize the effects but will not be liable to refund any fee or pay any compensation.

Changing rooms 

  • In order to insure a comfortable environment in the changing rooms please allow no more than 15 minutes for changing either side of the lesson. 

  • For health and safety reasons babies should be change on the floor or the baby changing units to remove the risk of falling off raised surfaces. 

  • Buggies are not permitted in to the changing rooms or on to the pool side.

  • Items are left at the owners own risk.







Pool side 

  • Over shoes or bare feet must be adhered to while on the pool side. 

    • over shoes are available from a dispenser outside of the changing room entrance.

  • All children must be directly supervised while on the swimming pool sites.

  • Swimmers must shower prior to entering the pool. 

  • Removing all lotions and cosmetics helps to maintain the high quality of water that Emma’s Otters aim to maintain.

  • No running or diving is permitted in the swimming pool. 

  • Only enter the pool side when the instructor permits you to. 

  • No food on pool side.

  • Only plastic bottles or cups allowed in the pool hall.  


  • We recommend that you bring your own goggles. 

  • We hold no liability for any infections or damages caused by borrowing goggles. 


  • Emma’s Otters swimming instructors have full DBS certificates. 

  • All instructors are qualified teaching baby and toddler classes hold baby and toddler swimming qualifications. 

  • All swimming instructors are a minimum of level 2 award qualification. 



  • In order to keep the lesson prices as low as possible, the certificates are £3.00 per a badge and certificate. 

    • you will be notified once you have earnt the stage and have the option to purchase the badge and certificate.

Data Protection 


Emma’s otters your information is vital to allow us to contact you regarding swimming lesson, also medical information is required due to the physical nature of swimming.  




We will not pass your information on to any 3rd party. The information you provide is solely used to ensure we are able to contact you and ensue your child is in the correct class.


 The emergency contact information we ask for is to ensure that if anything did occur we are able to contact a nominated person. If you ever did wish for information from an alternative company Emma’s Otters where possible provide you with the contact information.  



Once you inform us that you are leaving the lessons we will dispose of the information via incineration.  Digital data will also be deleted.  We are required to keep the registers for HMRC purposes these include names and dates attended only these will be held for 7 years.  If you wish you’re Information to be deleted please inform us and a number reference will be given in place.  




Your information is held on a laptop that is only accessed by Emma and mobile numbers are held on a mobile to allow contact, both devices are secured with passwords and have the ability to be locked remotely.    If you have any problems with your information being held in these forms please let us know.




You’re contact information is used to keep you up to date with the new terms and any changes that may occur to the term.  As well as any payment information and general enquires you may have. 



The information that we hold is what is provided on your sign-up form, if you would like at any point to see the information that Emma’s Otters holds on you please don’t hesitate to get in touch via emmasotters@outlook.com and we will provide the information within 1 month.  

Due to the Current COVID  situation please be aware we may have pause the lessons part way through,  at the time we will contact you to to determine  a refund for the lessons remaining.  

  • The lessons will be running in half an hour slots with equipment cleaned between each use

  • The equipment is cleaned in pool water between each child each time in line with the STAs (our governing body) guidance. 

  • Lessons are also planed to keep distancing in mind. 

  • We ask that you arrive swimming ready where possible- though changing rooms are open and available for use. 

  • we ask that you change and leave ASAP. 

  • we recommend that adults wear face masks inline with current regulations, they must come off when entering the pool.

  • Emmas Otters team Continue to test for Covid 19 twice a week and follow current Isolation rules

  • if you receive a positive test please let swimming@emmasotters.co.uk know or message 07891003297  to  let us know 

  • If informed of a positive case will be inform the groups who have come in contact as soon as possible.