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Splashy™ Swimsuit – The only baby swimming swimsuit manufactured in collaboration with the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) of Great Britain.


To compliment the Splashy™ swim nappy we have our award winning Splashy™ swimsuit. As with the Splashy™ nappy we use the same lovely soft, flexible materials with and secure round the waist and leg hems and made of recycled materials.  Warming in the winter on the beach and in the pool but also sun protective with the highest UVPF of 50+. Designed in Cornwall and in partnership with the Swimming Teachers Association it’s our softest most comfortable baby swimsuit for use at home in the garden, on holiday in the pool or beach or in baby swim classes.


The technical stuff:

All our Splashy range is constructed using our own e-Flex™ material which is a combination of stretchy Nylon, soft comfy plush inner and a waterproof sandwich filling of recycled plastic. For the Splashy Swimsuit we use stretchy and close fitting Lycra for the arm and leg hems for added comfort and fit. There's is a zip, velcro and popper arrangement closing the back and the inside is a lovely soft plush for added comfort.



Splashy™ Swimsuit Pink Joni

£16.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
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